Rev. Glen B. Marian (MI, OH)

My name is *Glen B. Marian*, and I am a minister who is legally ordained in the Universal Life Church Monastery. I am legally permitted to officiate wedding ceremonies in both Michigan and Ohio. I am a Pagan devotee of the Egyptian God *Set* and the Akkadian Goddess *Ishtar*, and the rituals I lead are generally inclusive of one or both of these Divinities. However, I can also write and officiate purely secular ceremonies as needed. Some examples of the ceremonies I’ve written and performed can be found at the following links:

– Our Pagan Wedding Ceremony
– A Brief, Generic, Non-Religious and Mostly Secular Wedding Ceremony
– A Summer Solstice Wedding Ceremony

Since I live in southeastern Michigan (Detroit, Dearborn, Flint, Pontiac, Ann Arbor, etc.), it’s easiest for me to assist people within this area. However, I am willing to travel across Michigan or to Ohio whenever I can. Even if I can’t travel, I would be very happy to write ceremonies that other ministers can perform, and/or answer any questions that a couple might have. I serve heterosexual and same-sex couples alike, and my services are free.

If you believe I might be able to assist you in some way, please reach out to me at or through my contact form on my website (