Rev. Cara Geist (MN)

Hello, my name is Cara Geist, and I am with the Celestial Order of the Temple of Olympus. I am licensed to join people in marriage in the state of Minnesota. I myself am a practitioner of Hellenic witchcraft and magic, and will marry anyone, regardless of religion or lack…

Rev. Noelle Dial and Rev. David Hebbe (OH)

Name(s): Noelle Dial and David Hebbe We are ministers of the Universal Life Church. We are authorized to solemnize marriages in the state of Ohio Please contact us at: OR

Rev. Steven Boorsma (MN, WI, IA)

Rev. Tina Spencer (OH, KY, IN)

Rev. Aaron W. Pope (OK)

Rev. Barbara Stevens (OH)

I am legally ordained in the state of Ohio to perform ceremonies. I would be happy to join any couple regardless of gender or religious preference in matrimony. Contact to be put in touch with Rev. Barbara!

Rev. Tina Newman (IL, IA, MO, IN)

Greetings. My name is Tina Newman and I am ordained in the Universal Life Church. My background is a youth spent in the Christian faith, and the last two decades in a pagan spiritual path through the Summerland Grove Pagan Church. I am willing to do whatever research is necessary…

Rev. Sandra Lee Harris (VA)

Rev. Cynthia (WA)

My name is Cynthia. I am legally ordained by the Universal Life Church Monastery and American Marriage Ministries, to solemnize weddings and other congregational rituals, in the state of Washington (and other states, depending on their requirements). I am mainly spiritually monolatrous, with a focus on the Kemetic names of…

Rev. Kelly Schenkman (CT, NH, VT, MA, NY)