Rev. Brenda Daverin (CA)

Name: Brenda Daverin Religious affiliation(s): Universal Life Church, Church of the Latter-Day Dude. I also practice Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism and can work with Wiccan and Asatruar couples as well. May legally perform ceremonies in California. Bakersfield area. Email:

Minister Paul Schneider (WA)

My name is Paul Schneider and I am Licensed to the Gospel Ministry in the American Baptist denomination. I live in Western Washington state (Seattle area in general) and am willing to and able to perform weddings for any gendered and oriented couples. I am willing to travel anywhere in…

Rev. Morpheus Ravenna (CA)

Rev. Joshua Pressnell (OH)

I am an ordained minister in the state of Ohio through the Open Ministry. I am a Christian who recognizes the importance of individual beliefs, traditions, and the right of all people in our country to join themselves together in love. I will happily officiate ceremonies incorporating traditions from a…