Clergy: Join the Militia!

I am a legally ordained clergy person/minister/pastor/priest, and I would like to join the Marriage Militia and help people get married.
Thank you for your support! Contact us at and include the following information:
– your name
– any religion(s) you are qualified to conduct marriage ceremonies in/solemnize marriage licenses on behalf of
– the state(s) where you are legally permitted to conduct such marriages, or can travel to in order to officiate such marriages; and
– your email for potential couples to contact you at. 

You can write your own listing – see some of our existing listings for ideas – or you can ask us to collate your information for you. All listings will be posted on the site. CONFIDENTIALITY NOTE! If you are unable or unwilling to provide all of this information publicly, note this in your email and provide a pseudonym or tell us how you would like us to censor your information. If you want your email to remain private, we are willing to act as liaisons between you and potential couples. The entire point of this project is for people to be safe, and we will NOT divulge any information you ask us to keep private.