Rev. Heidi Johnston (IL)

Rev. Sunsmith (CA)

Religious affiliation: CAYA Coven PC. I am legal clergy in California, Bay area. I am a High Priest, willing to work with most Pagan, Wiccan, Asatruar. I can legally perform ceremonies in California. I live in the Bay Area, willing to travel. Email:

Rev. Kelly Schenkman (CT, NH, VT, MA, NY)

Rev. Brenda Daverin (CA)

Name: Brenda Daverin Religious affiliation(s): Universal Life Church, Church of the Latter-Day Dude. I also practice Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism and can work with Wiccan and Asatruar couples as well. May legally perform ceremonies in California. Bakersfield area. Email:

Rev. Laura “Snow” Fuller (OH, MI, IN, WV, KY, MO)