Rev. Glen B. Marian (MI, OH)

My name is *Glen B. Marian*, and I am a minister who is legally ordained in the Universal Life Church Monastery. I am legally permitted to officiate wedding ceremonies in both Michigan and Ohio. I am a Pagan devotee of the Egyptian God *Set* and the Akkadian Goddess *Ishtar*, and…

Naomi Zikmund-Fisher (MI)

Rev. Rob Henderson (MI)

Rev. Laura “Snow” Fuller (OH, MI, IN, WV, KY, MO)

Rev. Annie Russell (MI)

Rev. Lucille Rose (MI)

Name…Rev Lucille Rose Religion…Pagan, will marry Pagan, Christian, Unitarian, LGBT Ordained through Universal Life Church which means I can marry anyone in any state. I prefer to marry couples on the western side of Michigan.