Getting Married? Read here!

I want to marry my partner. Will you perform my marriage?
If you would like to be married, contact any of the people on the directory through their listings, or email and we will put you in touch with someone in your area who can help. Please note that this is simply a directory provided as a public service. We cannot verify or vouch for anyone’s ministerial credentials, legal requirements in your state, or the personal character of anyone listed here. Use common sense and check into your potential wedding officiant.

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTE!  If you want your email to remain private before you speak with someone listed here, we are willing to act as liaisons between you and potential officiants. The entire point of this project is for people to be safe, and we will NOT divulge any information you ask us to keep private.

Is this legal?
Currently to the best of our knowledge, it is. We are however not lawyers, nor do we claim to be, so it’s also good for you to check into the marriage laws of your state and county.

This is a terrific idea. Can I share it with others?

Please do! The more people who want to be married, and are concerned that they need to do it before marriage rights legislation might change, the faster we can get them in touch with clergy who can help. This is one small way we can support a marginalized community in the face of discrimination, and we offer it in the spirit of love and acceptance. If you post about us on social media, use the hashtag #MarriageMilitia and send people to our website! We might expand to other social media if the project keeps growing. Tell your friends. Tell your clergy. Tell everyone we are not going to deny anyone the basic human right to love and companionship.