Rev. Cara Geist (MN)

Hello, my name is Cara Geist, and I am with the Celestial Order of the Temple of Olympus. I am licensed to join people in marriage in the state of Minnesota. I myself am a practitioner of Hellenic witchcraft and magic, and will marry anyone, regardless of religion or lack…

Rev. Kelly Schenkman (CT, NH, VT, MA, NY)

Rev. Keven Johnson-Glassel (MN, ND, SD, WI)

Rev. Gina A. Pond (CA, OR, WA)

Rev. Grant Balfour, D.D. (FL)

I was ordained in the Universal Life Church in 1991, and performed my first ceremony on New Years Eve 1998. Since then, I’ve specialized in inter-denominational ceremonies; for example, a Zoroastrian bride and Protestant groom (memorable!), a couple who wanted traditional Chinese and Catholic elements, secular humanist observances, and numerous…