Rev. Denise Cicuto (CA)

I am Denise Cicuto and I’m a Wiccan priest in the San Francisco area, and am ordained by Circle of Cerridwen. I am legally permitted to conduct marriages in the state of California. I am willing to do pagan marriages in California. My email address is .

Rev. Heidi Johnston (IL)

Rev. Michala Kazda (CA)

I am ordained in with the Universal Life Church and I would love to be a part of this community! While I classify myself as pagan I am not ordained with anyone else other than Universal Life Church. My legal name is Michala Kazda and I reside in Northern California…

Rev. Sunsmith (CA)

Religious affiliation: CAYA Coven PC. I am legal clergy in California, Bay area. I am a High Priest, willing to work with most Pagan, Wiccan, Asatruar. I can legally perform ceremonies in California. I live in the Bay Area, willing to travel. Email:

Rev. Glen B. Marian (MI, OH)

My name is *Glen B. Marian*, and I am a minister who is legally ordained in the Universal Life Church Monastery. I am legally permitted to officiate wedding ceremonies in both Michigan and Ohio. I am a Pagan devotee of the Egyptian God *Set* and the Akkadian Goddess *Ishtar*, and…

Rev. Aaron W. Pope (OK)

Rev. Tina Newman (IL, IA, MO, IN)

Greetings. My name is Tina Newman and I am ordained in the Universal Life Church. My background is a youth spent in the Christian faith, and the last two decades in a pagan spiritual path through the Summerland Grove Pagan Church. I am willing to do whatever research is necessary…

Rev. Sandra Lee Harris (VA)

Rev. Cynthia (WA)

My name is Cynthia. I am legally ordained by the Universal Life Church Monastery and American Marriage Ministries, to solemnize weddings and other congregational rituals, in the state of Washington (and other states, depending on their requirements). I am mainly spiritually monolatrous, with a focus on the Kemetic names of…

Rev. Susan Harper, Ph.D.

Religions: Pagan, earth-based spirituality, Goddess spirituality, “spiritual but not religious,” as well as humanist and secular ceremonies States: Texas, and anyplace that I don’t have to be registered with/a resident of the state to perform marriages. Based in Dallas-Fort Worth but will travel throughout Texas. Will travel to OK, LA,…