Rev. James Hopkins (WA, ID, OR, NV)

Any non-denominational, especially earth-centered, goddess-focused, or eclectic neo-pagan paths. Especially delighted to work with non
traditional couples, interfaith pairings, gender variant pairings, and more. Familiar with Wicca and Wicca based traditions, neo-Hellenistic/neo-Latin traditions, and to a smaller extent Sylvan traditions, but have resources in the greater Pagan and religious community to be able to cater to and perform a wedding ceremony for any flavor of faith. I’m also qualified to do funerals (I’m a former funeral director, current volunteer grief counselor) as well, though that’s probably not strictly pertinent to this list. Legal in all states except for those that do not recognize the Universal Life Church, have been ordained with the ULC since 1999. Can travel to anywhere in Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Nevada with advance arrangements.