Rev. Kiel W.V. Harris (aka Brother Zeeke) (MO, IL, OK)

Rev. Shannon Sullivan (MD, PA)

Rev. Matthew Brown (TX, PA, All states)

I am an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. I specialize in marriage ceremonies of a secular, philosophical, or pan-spiritualist nature. I normally operate out of Texas, though I am temporally living in Pennsylvania until the end of April 2017. I may be willing to travel to other states,…

Rev. Aaron W. Pope (OK)

Rev. Leslie Moughty (MN)

My name is Rev. Leslie Moughty. I am qualified to conduct Protestant Christian weddings and non-religious weddings, and solemnize marriage licenses on behalf of the state of Minnesota. I am located in Central Minnesota and am affiliated with the United Church of Christ. My email address is .

Rev. Barbara Stevens (OH)

I am legally ordained in the state of Ohio to perform ceremonies. I would be happy to join any couple regardless of gender or religious preference in matrimony. Contact to be put in touch with Rev. Barbara!

Donald Stikeleather (IN)

Rev. Tina Newman (IL, IA, MO, IN)

Greetings. My name is Tina Newman and I am ordained in the Universal Life Church. My background is a youth spent in the Christian faith, and the last two decades in a pagan spiritual path through the Summerland Grove Pagan Church. I am willing to do whatever research is necessary…

Rev. Jessica Ireland (IA, All states except PA/VA)

I am Jessica Ireland and am ordained in the Universal Life Church. I can legally perform marriages in all states except PA and VA. I live in Iowa, but am willing to travel to other states if necessary.

Rev. Sandra Lee Harris (VA)