Rev. Brenda Daverin (CA)

Name: Brenda Daverin Religious affiliation(s): Universal Life Church, Church of the Latter-Day Dude. I also practice Celtic Reconstructionist Paganism and can work with Wiccan and Asatruar couples as well. May legally perform ceremonies in California. Bakersfield area. Email:

Rev. Cathleen McGowan (MD, PA, VA, WV)

My name is Rev. Cathleen McGowan. I officiate legal marriages in the state of MD and am willing to file in PA, VA, and WV. I have experience in performing legal wedding ceremonies and other sacred rituals since 1992. My ordinations are with The Universal Temple of Spirits and The…

Rev. Gennevie “Q” Herbranson (CA)

My name is Gennevie “Q” Herbranson. I am ordained through the Universal Life Church to officiate weddings in the State of California. I live in the Santa Cruz Area of California, and am willing to travel within the State of CA. I am an Anderson Feri Initiate and have been…

Rev. Jason Place (RI, CT, MA)

Rev. Laine Murphy (AR, MO)

Rev. Rachel Smith (GA)

I am ordained as a healing minister through Universal Life Church since September 2004. I am open to any couples or ceremonies; I’m not path-specific. I live in Georgia (Rabun County). Email:

Rev. David R. Shorey (CA)

Rev. Carol Rondou (WI)

My name is Carol Rondou. I live in Menasha WI and can legally marry people in WI. I am a minister in the Universal Life Church. I have mostly conducted secular marriage. I have also conducting Handfastings. I am willing to travel in WI. Contact to be put in…

Rev. James Hopkins (WA, ID, OR, NV)

Any non-denominational, especially earth-centered, goddess-focused, or eclectic neo-pagan paths. Especially delighted to work with non traditional couples, interfaith pairings, gender variant pairings, and more. Familiar with Wicca and Wicca based traditions, neo-Hellenistic/neo-Latin traditions, and to a smaller extent Sylvan traditions, but have resources in the greater Pagan and religious community…

Rev. Morpheus Ravenna (CA)