Rev. Gina A. Pond (CA, OR, WA)

Rev. James Hopkins (WA, ID, OR, NV)

Any non-denominational, especially earth-centered, goddess-focused, or eclectic neo-pagan paths. Especially delighted to work with non traditional couples, interfaith pairings, gender variant pairings, and more. Familiar with Wicca and Wicca based traditions, neo-Hellenistic/neo-Latin traditions, and to a smaller extent Sylvan traditions, but have resources in the greater Pagan and religious community…

Rev. M. Allyson Szabo (NH)

Rev. Grant Balfour, D.D. (FL)

I was ordained in the Universal Life Church in 1991, and performed my first ceremony on New Years Eve 1998. Since then, I’ve specialized in inter-denominational ceremonies; for example, a Zoroastrian bride and Protestant groom (memorable!), a couple who wanted traditional Chinese and Catholic elements, secular humanist observances, and numerous…

Rev. Amanda Lee Morris (NC)

Rev. Mary D’Alba (MA)

My name is Reverend Mary D’Alba and I was ordained as a Non-Denominational Minister through the Universal Brotherhood Movement in 2001. I am based in Massachusetts and am able to travel to perform ceremonies, both Civil/Legal and Religious. Any denomination or sexual orientation is welcome. My wedding/commitment ceremonies are designed…

Rev. Tamara L. Siuda (OR, IL, All states)