Bernard Rizzo (CA)

Name: Bernard Rizzo Ordained: Through The Church of The Latter Day Dude… this is a legally recognized church and I am permitted to officiate marriages in the State of California (other States on a State by State basis). Personal Religion: I am a Polytheist with ties to Pre-Indo European Deities.…

Rev. Crystal Kushmaul (OH)

My name is Crystal Kushmaul, I am a legally ordained clergy member in the state of Ohio. Officially Universal Unitarian, but pagan at heart. I am happy to join any couple in marriage, no matter their gender or religious preference. Feel free to contact me at .

Rev. Anna Sowell (OH, All states)

I am authorized to perform any marriages, birth rites, death and burial rites. I am currently registered in Ohio, but I can apply anywhere in the US.

Rev. Jason Place (RI, CT, MA)

Rev. Laine Murphy (AR, MO)

Rev. Rachel Smith (GA)

I am ordained as a healing minister through Universal Life Church since September 2004. I am open to any couples or ceremonies; I’m not path-specific. I live in Georgia (Rabun County). Email:

Rev. Amber Ferrebee (IN)

My name is is Rev. Amber Ferrebee. I am an Ordained Ar nDraiocht Fein (ADF) Priest and am qualified to legally solemnize marriages in the state of Indiana. I am willing to work with any tradition, religion, as well as perform secular marriages. I am also available for commitment ceremonies.…

Rev. Morpheus Ravenna (CA)

Rev. Monika (NM)

Rev. Christina Paul (IL, IA)

I am Rev. Christina Paul, and I have been a legally ordained Priest with the House of Netjer Kemetic Orthodox Temple since 1998. I can perform weddings in the states of Illinois, and also Iowa where I currently live. I am also able to travel to other states if necessary.…