Rev. Sandra Lee Harris (VA)

My name is Sandra Lee Harris. I am a resident of the Commonwealth of Virginia. I was ordained Priest in 1995 by the Fellowship of the Sacred Grove, which I continue to lead, now as a civilian open circle within Sacred Well Congregation. In 1998, I provided my qualifications and was accepted by the cognizant District Court Judge in Fairfax County, Virginia, to serve as a Religious Marriage Celebrant throughout the Commonwealth. My religious name is Khalila RedBird. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from MIT in Earth Science and a Master of Divinity degree in Pagan Pastoral Counseling. I am 69 years old, a Quaker and a Witch. I serve as a volunteer and on-call interfaith chaplain in Fairfax County and in a nearby hospital.

In 1998, I celebrated a marriage legally in the State of Washington, and I have, since then, celebrated marriages in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I understand my qualifications to perform weddings are sufficient in some but all states, depending on the state’s laws concerning out-of-state celebrants.

I place no restrictions of religion, gender, or other demographics on the couples for whom I will perform this service. I treat each couple in light of their needs and beliefs and the Tradition of the Fellowship of the Sacred Grove. If we can come together in understanding of the rites, laws, and mutual commitments, I am open to performing the wedding, and I reserve the right to decline to perform the rite when I am so led. I have not been in the habit of seeking or accepting a fee for weddings, although donations to Sacred Grove Community Circle (SWC) are welcome; Sacred Well Congregations carries us as a member congregation under its 501(c)(3) qualification, so donations are tax deductible. Help with expenses can certainly be entertained.

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