Bernard Rizzo (CA)

Name: Bernard Rizzo

Ordained: Through The Church of The Latter Day Dude… this is a legally recognized church and I am permitted to officiate marriages in the State of California (other States on a State by State basis).

Personal Religion: I am a Polytheist with ties to Pre-Indo European Deities. While not a devotee of, I am sworn to the Morrigan.

Location: East Bay, SF Bay Area. I am willing to officiate in any area in Northern California.

Statement: Marriage is a right. I am willing to officiate for anyone who wishes to enter into this state. I am inclusive of all people, all pairings, regardless of race, religion, sexuality or gender. I will help you tailor your ceremony in any way that you wish or carry it out in any way you instruct. Please note, I am not a priest within my own religion but I do have the legal ability to officiate your marriage. I am flexible to your wishes and needs. I am a 54 year old, well educated man with good public presentation skills. I am able and prepared to carry out this sacred task to your utmost satisfaction. I will do this entirely at my own cost. You will, in no way, incur cost from me.