Rev. Saul Epstein (KS, MO)

I am an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. Within the limits of my own ethical obligations, I can participate in any ceremony and on any terms, including the invocation of the couple’s choice of deities or spirits. I will participate in ceremonies for any couple of age, regardless of gender. I am a Jew, and can make or participate in halakhic weddings, because Jews marry each other rather than being married by someone. But I am not a rabbi and I do not pose as one. My ULC ordination qualifies me to stand as legal officiant throughout the jurisdiction of the USA (and may be accepted as qualification elsewhere in the world). I can easily travel anywhere in the Kansas City area. Subject to my available time, I’m willing to travel elsewhere to register my ordination and participate in a ceremony, but would need help with travel and lodging. You can contact me at .