Rev. Julian Cantus King (MO, IL, MS, LA)

My name is Julian Cantus King, and I am an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church. My background is with Southern and Evangelical Baptist Christianity as well as 28 years of experience with Gardnerian Wicca, among others. I am comfortable enough with my faith to perform services as needed by those seeking to join themselves in loving union, including Non-Religious. No gender identity, race, sexual orientation, disability, religion or non, etc. will be discriminated against in my care or service. It is through our love and our strength that all will see our goodness and beauty.

Ceremonies: Southern Baptist, Non-Denominational Christian, Non-Religious, Unitarian Universalist, Generic Wiccan, Other

States: Missouri & Illinois (Greater St. Louis Metro and beyond), Mississippi (Hattiesburg and 2 hour vicinity, including NOLA.)


Much love to all involved. May the light of the eternal fall favourably upon you and not wither your crops but bring only abundance and everlasting life. May the cloak of the eternal shield and cover you, and its stars guide you always where you wish or need to go. Blessings.