Rev. Joshua Adam Blesi (MN)

I am a legally ordained clergy person/minister/pastor/priest, and I would like to join the Marriage Militia and help people get married.

Joshua Adam Blesi
Pagan, Wiccan, LGBT, Ordained by the Universal Life Church ministries
Registered in Minnesota’s Anoka County and able to provide any services of a minister

Welcome to the Circle of Lights from Joshua. My fees are $50 to $100 depending on the complexity of your ceremony, and $25 for the premarital counseling. It was never about the money for me; if you really feel as a couple you have true love, I can negotiate the price.

I perform marriage ceremonies for all people who have found their one true love, the other half of their heart.

I am licensed in the State of Minnesota and I can only perform marriages in this state. My credentials of Ministry are from the Universal Life Church.

I can do weddings for most Christian faiths, any unions in the GLBTQ community, and for rituals of marriage in the Pagan community. I would be happy to be a part in your vow renewal ceremony as well.

I only wish to help those to express their love to one another.

3630 92nd Ave. NE
Circle Pines MN 55014