Rev. Grant Balfour, D.D. (FL)

I was ordained in the Universal Life Church in 1991, and performed my first ceremony on New Years Eve 1998. Since then, I’ve specialized in inter-denominational ceremonies; for example, a Zoroastrian bride and Protestant groom (memorable!), a couple who wanted traditional Chinese and Catholic elements, secular humanist observances, and numerous handfastings ranging from the somewhat Evangelical to the thoroughly nature-oriented Pagan. My ideological center through all of this comes from an old, old Catholic belief: the officiant does not marry the couple; the couple marry each other. A wedding exists as a way for everyone present to witness something these two people are doing together. It’s a privilege to be a part of that.

I live in Florida, and am legally empowered to marry people here. I know the Universal Life Church is recognized nationally, but I also know that some states require officiants to file their status with a local court or otherwise obtain a formal recognition before conducting ceremonies, and I’m not familiar with all of those regulations. Which isn’t to say I wouldn’t be willing to learn….

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