Rev. Tamara L. Siuda (OR, IL, All states)

I am ready and willing to perform same-sex and any gendered weddings in the states of Oregon and Illinois, where I maintain residence. I am also willing to travel to other states or consult with couples to help them find someone in their area to solemnize their weddings. I have performed such weddings since the 1990s, both legally and on a religious level only.

We can tailor your ceremony to whatever style or format you wish. I’ve done traditional weddings, indoor and outdoor, religious and secular, and even once dressed up as Friar Tuck to marry Maid Marian to her Robin Hood! While I am respectful of and open to all religions, in terms of religious training and practice, I am an ordained priest of the Kemetic Orthodox Religion, and also serve as a mambo (priestess) of Haitian Vodou under the initiatory name of Mambo Chita Tann.

You can contact me at .