Rev. Manbo La Maitresse (NY)

I, Rev. Manbo La Maitresse, am a minister ordained through the Universal Life Church and NYC Registered Marriage Officiant. I am also able to travel to your state to register and comply with your state’s requirements as an officiant.

Because of the ULC regulations, I am a fully recognized minister of their organizations; however, I’m not a representative of any particular spiritual tradition since I’m acknowledged by several I’ve listed here (of course, this does not limit the spectrum of the type of ceremony I can perform, just a small list of my own professional accomplishments): I am Manbo Si Pwen at Sosyete Les Mains Forts; Pandita, Madrassi Tantric Hindu Tradition (Rajasthan Shakta Order); Recognized Progressive Imam with Muslims for Progressive Values.

Contact information: (646) 776-4924